About Mekong Consultants

Mekong Consultants Company serves the nation of Lao PDR with technical knowledge & expertise to erect state-of-the-art buildings, roads & bridges; interfacing between the many governmental & private entities to bring simple & complex construction projects to completion on time & within budget. We follow up with servicing & maintenance on road construction & steel/concrete bridges to contain the effects of environmental damage, weathering, deterioration & cracking.

We also perform professional architectural, geographical, topographical & traffic surveys. We provide ongoing training & professional development to allow our engineers & staff to incorporate the latest technologies & advances into our construction ethos. We function under a spirit of Kaizen, a Japanese term meaning good change, cooperation & employee involvement. We practice continuous improvement with an ever-present awareness of achieving quality control to internationally recognized standards.

Mekong Consultants began consulting in general works in 2011. We have successfully completed 32 projects countywide & are currently operating 10 projects. Funding is provided primarily through major multilateral global & national agencies, international development banks, Lao government institutions as well as NGO’s, private sector investors & bilateral aid organizations.