Predictions & Trends

We anticipate an exponential growth in the need for basic infrastructure as Lao PDR remains on track to graduate from the UN’s Least Developed Countries list in 2020/2021. The population is growing healthily & is expected to reach 8.8 million1 by 2030. Improved education & household prosperity will fuel progressive urbanization toward its larger cities. Additionally, annual visitor numbers to Lao PDR are expected to increase to 7.3 million2 by 2021, all the while increasing pressure on roadways & bridges, at road crossings, intersections, pedestrian walkways & transportation hubs. While the economic future for Lao PDR is bright, the need for massive reevaluation to accommodate the rapid changes is huge. The vigorous, unrelenting urbanization will require skill, drive & vision to meet all its mobility needs effectively & efficiently.

As the land, air & water are fragile, we comply with all environmental impact assessments & Lao governmental social & environmental safeguards. We will strengthen our relationship to the earth by insuring our structures are built – from inception to completion – with a minimum of disruption to our natural eco-systems, based on the latest scientific & environmental surveys, findings & conclusions.

We envision larger-scale international cooperative projects with both our neighbor ASEAN & other Asian countries in the not-too-distant future. With a client-centered, forward thinking work culture, our can-do company has the expertise to turn your current ideas & plans for future infrastructure needs into tangible engineering solutions.


1 Asian Development Bank          2 Pacific Area Travel Association